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About Nulty Insurance

Nulty Insurance is a local, third-generation family business. Founder Greg Nulty opened the doors in Otsego, Michigan in 1945. Back then, our focus was on the needs of neighboring farming communities, and personal insurance for families putting lives together in the post-war boom. Our reputation was built on service, integrity, and keeping our word. Trust was the coin of the realm.

Over three generations, much has changed, but keeping our word and building trust is still our focus. Greg’s son, Dan, joined the business in 1967 and expanded our services to encompass commercial coverage. Dan’s son, TG Nulty, continued the family tradition by joining the agency in 1998. Today he guides our agency’s continued growth and innovation.

Growth and change, but core values remain 

Over more than seven decades, much has changed.

  • We now have four locations serving individuals, families, and businesses: Kalamazoo, Otsego, Iron Mountain, and Buchanan.
  • We’ve grown to a team of nearly four dozen highly-credentialed professionals, with deep expertise across many disciplines: employee benefits, commercial insurance, risk management, personal insurance for individuals and families, individual health insurance, and more.
  • We’ve rolled out advanced technologies and online services, allowing clients anytime access to key services.
  • We’re proud members of two elite organizations, Beyond Insurance and Keystone, which afford us access to broad global networks of experts, products and services, as well as early exposure to news, trends and cutting-edge developments.

But over the seven decades, much remains the same.

  • We’re still, first and always, a business dedicated to helping our neighbors protect what’s important to them.
  • We remain committed to our founding values of service, innovation, integrity, and hard work.
  • We will always believe that friendliness and neighborliness are of paramount importance.
  • We always honor our deeply felt obligation to give back to the communities we serve.
  • We will always take pride in doing more than our competitors and creating a different, superior experience for our clients.
  • Our focus remains on building relationships with our clients and helping them understand how insurance works. We want our clients to understand exactly what they’re buying, what they’re paying, and why it matters.
  • We work hard to educate our clients so they can make the most informed decisions.

The Nulty Insurance difference is the best of both worlds

We know you have a lot of choices about where you can buy insurance. That’s why at Nulty Insurance, our focus isn’t on selling policies, it’s on solving problems and offering you solutions.

We’re small enough to care about the details of every single policy we write, and we’re large enough to secure the best options and pricing from the nation’s top-tier insurance companies. We will take the time to listen and talk with our clients and we will also harness the latest technologies so you can do business your way. We can help a small business secure a basic insurance package, but we can also serve a large multi-site business with hundreds of employees with our depth and risk management expertise.

We don’t offer one-size fits all solutions. We listen, research, and discover the best ways to solve problems for our clients, even if it means doing something that we’ve never done before. Our goal is to truly partner with our clients and to put our expertise to work to help them make the best decision for their unique circumstances.  We work a little harder and we get creative to help our clients find the right solution at the right price.

Reach out to us!

Our consultative service coupled with our integrity and hard work have earned us lifelong friends. We invite you to learn why! Give us a call at 877-830-3099 or take a minute to fill out a free quote form. We’d love to meet you!

The Nulty Insurance Mission Statement

Who: We are enthusiastic, educated, and caring professionals, acting with honesty and integrity.

What: We provide insurance and risk management solutions.

Why: Our team is dedicated to the success of our clients.

How: By understanding our clients’ unique needs, we respond with appropriate solutions and deliver exceptional and innovative service.

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