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Wedding insurance throughout Michigan.

Wedding insurance is a specialized type of event insurance that allows you to keep the stress out of your big day!

It’s no secret that weddings and similar events can be a battle between the joy you naturally feel and the stress of worrying about what might go wrong. Wedding insurance is just one example of special event or “one-day” insurance that helps set your mind at ease about such risks.

Just as every wedding is unique, most wedding insurance policies are customized to the specific couple. As a general rule, they cover any or all of three main risks:

  • The wedding being postponed for specific reasons such as illness or a partner being deployed in the military.
  • Accidental damage to important materials such as food, wedding clothes or rings.
  • Service suppliers such as DJs and florists failing to meet their obligations, for example if they go bankrupt or simply don’t show.

Bear in mind that most policies only cover extreme weather such as hurricanes rather than just bad weather such as rain. You’ll rarely be protected against a bride or groom getting cold feet, by the way!

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