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New Employer-Based Network Health Center Coming to Kalamazoo

By April 7, 2022No Comments

On March 16, 2022, Nulty Insurance hosted key employers from the Greater Kalamazoo area at a roundtable event held at the new Southwest Michigan First Catalyst Center to discuss the vision for an employer-based network health center model.

Following a series of client strategy sessions over the past several years our team quickly recognized some common challenges for our employer partners:

  • How are we going to get healthcare costs under control?
  • How can we get our employees in front of primary care physicians?
  • How do we differentiate ourselves from other employers when competing for the same talent?


While working to be innovative and forward-thinking with our client consultations, the answer started to become clear: let’s partner with a well-established provider of employer health centers.

This partnership would provide:

  • a low-cost or zero-cost primary care solution for employees,
  • easy access to primary care,
  • employers who make this investment will stand out from their competition. A win-win-win!


Many years of meetings, educational sessions, on-site visits to existing health centers around the country, and a global pandemic that rapidly increased the need culminated with the introductory meeting with some of Kalamazoo’s most forward-thinking employers. We introduced our alignment with Marathon Health – who will ultimately manage the clinic. This partnership is an exciting opportunity for the greater Kalamazoo area with the potential to expand regionally in the near future.

The first Network Health Center is currently being built across from the Nulty Insurance headquarters on Stadium Drive. This will allow employees of participating local employers in our community convenient access to medical care. It will be a team-based approach focused on primary care, chronic condition management, lab & pharmacy services, and integrated wellness. With collaboration from key employers and providers in the area, this new Health Center will provide care while managing referrals within our community.

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“This has been a vision of ours for many years. By looking at the data we see in our client employer groups a real need for access to primary care. There are many of our community members who do not have access, therefore go untreated or go to the emergency room for non-emergent care. Which ultimately increases costs for these employees’ families and employer groups. This type of network health center system is working very well in other US cities. We believe that the greater Kalamazoo market and community can support and benefit from this type of arrangement. Healthy employees equal a healthy community.”

– Susan Culhane, HR & Benefits Consultant with Nulty Insurance

The need exists. Now the solution does too. Contact us if you are interested in becoming a participating employer.

About Marathon Health

Marathon Health partners with employers around the United States to deliver a healthcare experience that is convenient and focused on driving real behavior change, resulting in better health outcomes and financial savings. Employers save an average of $2,000 for each employee who engages with Marathon Health, with the average company realizing [annual] savings of approximately $11 million. Marathon Health delivers its advanced primary care solution across all 50 states both virtually and through its network of more than 265 health centers. Marathon Health was named Best in KLAS in 2020 and again in 2021 for its excellence in Worksite Health Services. For more information, please visit

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