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5 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill

By January 2, 2014July 29th, 2019No Comments

We’re getting into the time of year when the electric bill makes you cringe. When it arrives in the mail, a cold sweat might break out. You may need to sit down because the knees are feeling weak.

And all that happens before you actually open it!

But all is not lost. There are ways to stay warm and keep your hands off the thermostat. Here are five ideas for making it happen

1. When the sun comes out, open your blinds and let those rays in. They can warm the house.On the flip side, cover the windows when it’s dark to help keep cold air out.

2. Let’s do some detective work. Light a candle and hold the flame near your windows. If you see it flicker, it could mean an air leak. That means hot air going out and cold air coming in. Buy some inexpensive caulking and seal up those leaks. If new windows are in your future, make sure to save up and pay cash, and only do that if the quick fixes are no longer doing the job.

3. Small changes on the thermostat make a big difference on what you pay. If you’re used to having the thermostat at 74 degrees, shave it down to 72. You’ll probably notice the lower heat bill before you notice two degrees.

4. If you do something that heats the house up, make that activity work for you. If you cook something in the oven, leave the door open after you turn it off to warm up the kitchen (watch out for the kids, though). If you take a shower, leave the door open so the steam flows into the other room. That’ll help with low winter humidity too!

And if you’re really committed …

5. Pick your favorite hot beverage and start drinking. The warmer you feel inside, the less work the heating unit will have to do. Prepare the hot chocolate or tea! Also, your wardrobe can help you stay warm. Get those socks, sweatpants and sweatshirts out!

Hope these tips warm you up! What’s your go-to trick for keeping the heating bill low? Tell us in the comments!


Courtesy: Dave Ramsey

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