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Business Insurance

Changes Ahead! Make Sure Company Changes are Protected with a Policy

By October 21, 2013July 29th, 2019No Comments

Ah, the autumn season is not only good for changes in the weather, but also potential changes in business. If you are able to expand your business in this economy, consider yourself lucky! Being able to grow in such a tough time is a great accomplishment. There are many ways you can grow your business, from opening another location to buying a few company cars. Of course, all changes in your business will come with a change in your commercial insurance policy. It’s important to make sure your new assets are covered!

As your trusted insurance agency, we are here to point out a few possible policies with scenarios.

Commercial property insurance. If you decide to open another location, you will have to decide on another insurance policy. Your new property should be covered with a reliable policy that will protect against: vandalism, damages, theft, liability, weather damages, machinery malfunctions and much more. Without the proper policy, your new business may be faced with the unexpected sooner than you think and may ultimately fail.

Commercial auto insurance. Adding company cars to your business is such a great idea, especially if you have traveling salesmen. Again, just like you would protect your own vehicle, your company car should be equally protected. What makes you think that your company car can avoid collisions but not your personal car? It can’t! That is why this policy is crucial. From medical coverage to liability to collision—you will be covered.

There are countless scenarios that could happen in your business. If you are planning on growing, your business insurance package needs to grow, too. If not, your plans of expansion may come to an abrupt stop—and we don’t think you deserve that! Any business that has the opportunity to expand should take advantage of it. Good luck!

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